Our Story
Performance . Elegance . Simplicity
The electronic audio path of the company was first built by Mr Stanley Chan in 1972. He was disappointed the design and features of the market products at that time. This led to extensive research in design and technology in result to find a new concept.

During the 1980s, Mr Chan has successfully brought out a new range of products into the market – Radio cassette walkman with volume control earphone. From 1990-2000, clock radios brought us to another successful stage in the electronic industry, which we have sold over 1 million units a year. By the electronic knowledge and experience, we also have brought out many unique and high quality products to the market around the world. The success of the clock radios and the other products brought increasing revenue. For some time, it appeared that Harmonic could do no wrong, introducing fresh new products and generating increasing profits in the process.

After the first golden age of Harmonic, our business faced to different challenges. We have experienced very tough time due to the global economy environment and huge competition. The consumer electronics industry had been changed especially after the popularity of new digital technology.

Until 2006, new opportunity arrived. We have seen the potential of portable device business market, hence the company started to invest into develop series of music system to fit into different portable digital device.

In 2007, our first music docking system has been launched and started to sell to world wide market successfully.

From 2009 - 2012, we have successfully assists our several customers to achieve CES Innovations Award.

Until now, Harmonic still maintain high quality with latest technology into our products such as Bluetooth and Airplay. We invested heavily into technology and design to enable highly-satisfying customer experiences in our products by the best technology.